My eldest daughter has just turned 13.  It's the first 'significant' birthday that we've celebrated - all birthdays of course are significant, but this one seemed more so; the beginning of the teenage Read more [...]
blackberry, apple and plum pie with coconut, oat and spelt crust

Blackberry, Apple and Plum Pie

Can it really be time for blackberries?  If so, are they early?  They seem ridiculously early.  I'm still in summer mode; the sandals are still on, the cardi still - tentatively - off.  And on again. Read more [...]
Whisky Marmalade Sour

Friday Lush: Whisky Marmalade Sour

I wrote yesterday about being mindful of all the food that I eat and how I'm making changes for life, ones that are sustainable.  I love a tipple. Hell, I have a whole section of this blog dedicated to Read more [...]