coward’s way

I, like you, woke up this morning to the horrible news of the events at the Manchester Arena last night.  Where do you even start to make sense of that?  That is asking the impossible; making sense when Read more [...]
Witch Mama Scott made a spring abundance bowl. I love my crazy mama

a week in photos (14-20 05 17)

If you read my last post you'll know that my week's been odd; hospital, home in bed, missing people, cooking a little bit, sleeping a lot, box set bingeing, feeling ill, feeling better, feeling so damn Read more [...]

a week in words

When I started writing this diary I didn't imagine it would be so... medical,  but such is life, you can't plan nor prevent these things, that much is not in our control. Never again will I tempt the Read more [...]
feng shui - ing my bedroom, now can't get out of bed cos it's too lovely

A week in photos

Notes from the hospital waiting room I hung out in this week: The young woman with so, so many tattoos who's sitting adjacent to us, she's literally covered in ink, from her neck to her finger tips, Read more [...]