Blackberry, Apple and Plum Pie

Can it really be time for blackberries?  If so, are they early?  They seem ridiculously early.  I'm still in summer mode; the sandals are still on, the cardi still - tentatively - off.  And on again. Read more [...]

Friday Lush: Whisky Marmalade Sour

I wrote yesterday about being mindful of all the food that I eat and how I'm making changes for life, ones that are sustainable.  I love a tipple. Hell, I have a whole section of this blog dedicated to Read more [...]
Lemon, spelt and poppy seed cake - no sugar

A rethink and a sugar-free cake

I've been thinking a lot lately about my body, about my age and about my diet.  I've always championed real food; the kind that does you good as opposed to slowly killing you but of late I've felt that Read more [...]