Song for Sunday: Jesca Hoop

I think we need a song to drift us through Sunday before Monday is upon us.  Jesca Hoop's Murder of Birds is the one for me today. I've just heard it on the radio while I was cooking and was reminded Read more [...]

The secret superfood

Peppery, fresh and in season right now, watercress is a fantastic addition to many a summer dish, but man, I had no idea just how good it was for you. We're talking more iron than spinach, more Read more [...]

A jar or two

The Instagram and Pinterest staple of putting food and drink in Mason(esque) jars is not going away anytime soon.  I know that it induces groans, in much the same way that serving food on boards or slate Read more [...]

The Pizza Oven (Part Two)

So we got this brilliant pizza oven in the garden, time to get cooking in it. As I said in the last post the oven's first few outings were to say thank you to the good folk who budged the beast Read more [...]