I've moved into a 600 year old cottage and it would appear that the windows predate the building; they're rickety and not functioning properly - much like myself at present. Ha. But it all adds to Read more [...]

Don’t Stop

Hello, it's been rather a long time but I'm still here, I'm still alive. It's fair to say that life has been something of a hurricane of late. But it's OK, well actually it's not OK, BUT it will be. Read more [...]

Cheddar Cheese and Marmite Swirls

Those words together: cheese + Marmite oh, how they brighten my day.  I've been slightly obsessed by these delights since an independent bakery close to where I work started baking and selling them.  They Read more [...]

Marching backwards

This weekend the Tories announced that government legislation on animal welfare standards in the food industry are to be abolished to become self-regulated by the farming industry itself. Privatised, you Read more [...]