Heinz Salad Cream

Happy Birthday Heinz Salad Cream

100 years old this year, and not looking any the worse for it. I think it's fair to say that if you grew up in 70s/80s in Britain then you'll have memories of Salad Cream.  It was just always there Read more [...]

Friday Lush: SohoCello

If you've spent any time in Italy, or have a love of Italian food, then you'll be familiar with the sweet/sharp liqueur limoncello.  Now, like any spirit, and certainly one that you might buy on a tourist Read more [...]
Gooseberry and almond crumble cake

The Gooseberry Can’t Decide Cake

Last year I found myself in a pressing dilemma; cake or crumble?  While the world spinning on its axis didn't exactly depend on the outcome, it did cause me some anxiety - pudding is taken quite seriously Read more [...]