on kindness

Often underrated, sometimes seen as weakness but never, ever misplaced - kindness. We live in uncertain and, often, frightening, times.  It would be easy to become insular and introverted, to batten Read more [...]

Photo diary: New

Everything's new this year; my house (well, new to me),the stuff in it, my car, people who've popped into my life, a business that's happening - that will hopefully open doors to more new things, a thousand Read more [...]


I'm obsessed with this video right now. Before I get out of bed I always listen to a song or watch a video, this one's been on repeat since it was released last week. Deadcrush is the third single from Read more [...]
thank yo ufor consistently rescuing me by the roadside and elsewhere cookies

A week in photos: I got

Bruises on my knees Tearful at Lil's school play. (Everytime...) Happy to hang out with Amber A new denim dress (I know...) A tattoo Window boxes that are so pretty Drunk A hangover Told Read more [...]