Friday Lush: Chilli Vodka

If you’re a fan of the Bloody Mary then you’ll love this home infused vodka. I recommend making it and leaving it for as long as possible to let the flavours really develop and to get a real hit from the chillis.

In real Blue Peter style: Here’s one I made earlier

I found this recipe a few years ago in Nigella Lawson’s Nigella Christmas and promptly made a good few bottles of it to give away as presents.  It was a real hit so it’s become an annual thing and it’s definitely not just for Christmas.  It makes a brilliant Bloody Mary that requires only tomato juice and a little bit of celery salt.  If you’ve left the vodka for a while then you definitely don’t need Tabasco!  It’s a great drink for shots too and good old Nigella recommends it for a spiced Martini.
I don’t use my best vodka for this because it’s so strongly flavoured and instead opt for whatever half decent voddie is on offer at the time.  This one was a Smirnoff. 
I present it in sloe gin bottles that I buy in Lakeland.
Chilli Vodka 
Use this amount of spice, chilli and cinnamon for one 500ml bottle of spiced vodka.
500ml vodka
1 tspn whole coriander seeds
1 tspn cumin seeds
1 cinnamon stick
1 large dried chilli or a couple of smaller dried ones – as hot as you prefer
3 cardamon pods bashed a bit  
Preserving bottles
Sterilise your bottles by either washing them in the dishwasher on a hot, hot, hot cycle and use straightaway or wash and rinse with hot water and leave to dry in a very low oven.  If you choose the oven method make sure that your bottles have ceramic caps and not plastic, I speak from experience…  If they have plastic ones you can remove them and put them back on without damaging them. 
Fill up the preserving bottle with the spices and using a funnel pour in your vodka, but not right to the top.  Add the cinnamon stick and the chillis and seal the bottle.  That’s it!
Use within a year of making – Ha! as if you won’t!


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