Friday Lush: Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka

My love of clear spirits extends to vodka, I’m not ashamed to say that I’m not true to my beloved gin all of the time.  Sometimes, today for instance, I am looking forward to settling down with a tall glass of vodka and something or other, and today it’s going to be this one:

I’ve only just discovered Bison Grass vodka but it’s an acquaintance that I’ve been very happy to make.  It’s from Poland and has apparently been distilled in the same area for over 600 years.  The name comes from the single blade of bison grass that is added to the vodka to give it a unique flavour. It’s hard to describe but it tastes sweeter and more, erm meadowey? OK, a career in vodka tasting  may not be on the cards with that pitiful explanation. You’ll just have to sample some abundantly responsibly yourself.

I always drink vodka with tonic water but I’ve recently been trying Bison Grass with cloudy apple juice, apparently it’s how the Poles enjoy it so I’m in.

Another happy, happy discovery recently was the delights of the ‘Frisky Bison’.  This was on the menu at a hotel I stayed in recently.  We headed to the bar for a nightcap as we returned back to our hotel late at night  and happened upon this on the cocktail menu, for the name only I couldn’t resist.  It’s simply Bison Grass vodka, a single or double measure depending how needy you are, mixed in a tall glass with good old 80s legend Appeltize.  I promise you, it tastes amazing.  However, I’m fairly certain though that I found the whole concept of calling room service to request delivery of frisky bisons to the room so much more hilarious and witty than the bored and fed-up night staff did.  What can I say – I don’t get out much.

Na zdrowie! (That’s Polish for ‘cheers’ – I hope..)


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