Lying and Cheating Ice Cream

As we’re going on holiday this week I am in the process of using up all the food in the fridge and fruit bowl.  Bananas are a tricky one. I’m a huge fan of good old banana bread but I’m home alone and really don’t want to eat  bake a whole loaf.  This little recipe, you can hardly call it a recipe, is made with frozen bananas.  Believe me when I say that once blitzed you really can pass it off as ice-cream to your children – lying and cheating ice cream that is.  

Frozen Banana ‘Ice Cream’

This idea was given to me by my friend Clare who makes wonderful food with a slant on the healthy and wholesome – mostly.  This is a perfect pudding with absolutely zero guilt attached to it.  My girls wolf it down and because it’s so damn healthy you can let them have a little freedom with a topping or two.  This is by no means in the realm of ‘children’s food’ it’s really very delicious.

I’m giving you guidelines here, there are no real measurements, just aim for more banana than yogurt.
Bananas (sliced and frozen) you’ll need at least two for a good texture. 
Plain yogurt – It’s best with thick Greek yogurt but whatever you have in the fridge is fine. 
Dash of vanilla 
Glug of maple syrup 
  • Put your frozen bananas in a bowl or food processor along with a couple of tablespoons of yogurt, the vanilla and maple syrup
  • Blitz away.  Add more yogurt as required. You’re aiming for thick and creamy.
  • Eat straight away, it melts very quickly – see photographic evidence
So basically bananas and yogurt.  You could swirl some dulce de leche in or a little honey while blending instead of maple syrup.  I have it on good authority that vanilla yogurt or even a little pot of Petit Filous vanilla or chocolate dessert, the ones most parents have lurking somewhere in the fridge, is really good.  Put sprinkles on the top, nuts, grated chocolate, anything you wish. 
“Mummy, is this really ice-cream?”
“Erm, yes, it’s an ice cream that’s good for you” *avoiding eye contact and forgetting lectures on always telling the truth .


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