Archive for August, 2012

The North Wind Blew South

The north wind blew south last Friday, cast its enduring spell, and beckoned us over the border. On the long solo drive here, this song came on Radcliffe and Maconie's radio show with the chance timing Read more [...]

My Ode to Lakeland

I love Lakeland. Just as Audrey Hepburn believed that nothing bad could happen in Tiffany's, I believe that nothing bad could possibly ever happen in the home and kitchenware behemoth Lakeland.  Saying Read more [...]

Chai Chai Coffee Coffee Chai

I've spoken before of my love for India and the eye opening experience that travelling for close to two years there was.Food and trains feature strongly in my memories of working my way through the subcontinent; Read more [...]

The Once a Year Cake

10 years ago I really learned how to bake.Through pregnancy I, like most women,  lost my appetite for all my usual foods and went completely head over heels for soft white rolls, warm bread and sponge Read more [...]
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