Waste not want not

A report on the news this week stated that almost half the world’s food is thrown away. Scary.  And wrong for so many reasons.  I’ve talked about food waste before and the fact that here in Britain we throw away 25% of the food we purchase each year, which just has to be madness.  Whenever I read reports like this I am compelled to rummage through the fridge and make weird and, sometimes, wonderful concoctions to use up all the random bits of food that otherwise get wasted.

I have something of a cheese mountain to scale at the moment so a bit of tinkering here, a bit of roasting there and I made this.  And it was mighty fine tasting too.

Roast Pepper and Feta Pasta
Serves 4
2 red peppers, chopped
1 onion, chopped
1 stick of celery, sliced
1 clove of garlic, crushed
1 tin of tomatoes
Good glug of passatta
100g feta cheese, crumbled
Olive oil 
Fresh basil, oregano or thyme
Your choice of pasta 
  • Roast the chopped peppers in olive oil and a little salt in a hot oven
  • Meanwhile, soften the onion and celery in olive oil and then add the chopped tomatoes and passata 
  • Cook for about 20 minutes, add the garlic, roast peppers, crumbled feta and blend together. You know I use my trusty stick blender for this job
  • Season to taste 
  • Serve with pasta and some fresh herbs sprinkled on top and an extra drizzle of olive oil or cream too if you like. I like.  


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