Friday Lush: Aperol Spritz

Tonight we will be making our way over land by camper van to Italy.  We’ll wind our way through France before heading to Florence, Naples and then Sorrento.  It’s a long camping trip – longer than we’ve ever done as a family, although there will be a few hotel stops in there too.  It will be an adventure and I cannot wait.

So the Friday Lush today is my mind wandering to Italy, as it often does.  This is not a drink I have at home at the moment, hence the photograph, but it takes me to pavement cafes, chilled glasses, laughter, couples awaiting dinner, friends catching up before heading off in different directions and just the feeling of the Italian sun on my back and atmosphere filling my senses.   It makes me think of the anticipation of the food that is generally to follow this aperitif and it makes me happy.  When we first saw everyone drinking this bright orange drink we thought that Irn Bru had taken an unexpected share of the pre-dinner market drink in Italy – you can take a girl out of Corby..


Aperol is produced by Campari and has been made in the country since 1919.  It was traditionally served as a spritz mixed with white wine, preferably Venetian, and topped with soda.  It’s light, refreshing and it has holiday written all over it.  Right all this waxing lyrical will not get these bags packed.

Aperol Spritz

3 parts Prosecco

2 parts Aperol

1 part soda water

  • Serve over ice with a thick slice of orange.

Cin cin.  See you soon.


Image used by kind permission of Aperol.



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