Cassis making

Friday Lush: Creme de Cassis

I am powerless against a Kir Royale; sparkling wine topped with blackcurrant liqueur.  It shouts of celebration, gatherings and friends gathered around.  A Christmas, birthday, New Year kind of affair.

My children brought home a large punnet of blackcurrants last week from a trip to a pick-your-own farm with their grandparents and my first thought was: cassis.  I felt a bit bad using all their hard labour picked fruit to make something they couldn’t have so I compromised and saved half for a pie.  What a sparkling example of a good mother I am.

Cassis was traditionally a French speciality but it’s produced here in the UK too.  Blackcurrant season runs between July and August so now’s the time to get picking and bottling.  I used gin to make mine, because I love gin and I would put gin in anything I could get away with, but vodka is a traditional base as is brandy.  I made this using a recipe from the ever faithful Good Housekeeping Preserves by Joanna Farrow.

This is no quick recipe as a bottle started now will not be ready to add the sugar until next January and then it needs to mature for a further six months.  Good things come to those who wait though.


Prep time 20 minutes
Meal type Beverage
From book Good Housekeeping Preserves by Joanna Farrow

What you will need

  • 500g blackcurrants (washed and with any stalks removed)
  • 600ml gin, vodka or brandy
  • sugar


Step 1 Crush the blackcurrants with a potato masher in a sterilized jar, I used a clip top Parfait jar but any kind of Kilner / Mason jar is good
Step 2 Pour in the alcohol. Leave in a dark place for 2 months
Step 3 Strain the liquid and add 175g / 6oz sugar to each 600ml of liquid
Step 4 Pour into a jug and cover. Leave for 2 days, stirring every once in a while to make sure the sugar is dissolved.
Step 5 Strain through muslin. Bottle and then store for around 6 months to mature before adding to sparkling wine for Kir Royale or poured over ice cream. It's worth the wait my friends


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