Amaretto Sour

Friday Lush: Amaretto Sour

I’ve got a friend called Imogen who lives up the road from me, we are just getting to know each other having only met this year.  She has a studio in her home that houses her vintage 1940s letterpress which she uses to make beautiful cards and stationery, I like to knock on the window and pop in for a chat and a google at her fantastic work before it wings its way to posh shops up and down the country.  We’ve discovered a shared love for good food and fine cocktails; the friendship will go far..

A couple of days before Christmas, when Imogen came up for air after printing for days and days on end we had an evening drinking Amaretto Sours, this was a new drink to me but one she promised I would love, she was right; we had it without the egg white that many sours are made with but it was none the worse for it, it’s tangy and sweet with the almond liqueur shining through and completely moreish.

How very lovely; a new cocktail and a new pal discovered this year. Nice.


Amaretto Sour

Serves 2
Prep time 5 minutes
Meal type Beverage

What you will need

  • 4 Measures Amaretto
  • 2 Measure sugar syrup
  • 2 Measure fresh lemon juice
  • maraschino cherries
  • ice (to shake and serve the cocktail)


Step 1 Pour all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker that's filled with ice
Step 2 Shake it baby
Step 3 Strain into short tumbler glasses over ice. Garnish with a maraschino cherry or two


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