Archive for April, 2015

Muffin Tops

Everyone should have a go-to muffin recipe. At present mine is predisposed towards the healthy, rather than the sugar-laden, I wonder if this is because if it's not sugar-laden then I can justify eating Read more [...]
the mellow yellow range

Mellow Yellow

There's a farm close to where we live called Bottom Farm, tucked away in the Northamptonshire countryside, surrounded by fields and home to Farrington's.  You might know Farrington's better as Mellow Read more [...]
good old cauli

Cauli good

Sorry, I know... I've got the pun out of the way so let's talk about cauliflower.  It's not the sexiest of vegetables, that's for sure, but it's got an awful lot going for it; vitamins B6, C and K, protein, Read more [...]
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