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honey, almond, banana cake

Honey, almond and banana cake

I have more than my fair share of black bananas at the moment.  In times like this I usually turn to my beloved banana bread recipe - a tried and trusted old faithful, but I felt wild and crazy on Read more [...]

Homemade Seville Orange Marmalade

Filling jars with homemade preserves makes me very happy, I love transforming a mountain of fruit or veg into pickle or jam.  I like creating something useful, that can be squirreled  away. Therefore Read more [...]
soak that bread


Ribollita - such a great word to get your tongue around.  I'm a sucker for rustic recipes; the ones that were born out of frugality, using up all the random veg in the bottom of the fridge and stale bread Read more [...]
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