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Calke Abbey

Calke Abbey - AKA the un-stately stately home; crumbling, in disrepair and home to the weird, wonderful and a lot and I mean a LOT of taxidermy.  My friend suggested that I would be right at home here Read more [...]


I ate shakshuka the other day for the first time in yonks sitting in a sunny window seat, in a Turkish cafe, in a city that I don't know. I'm doing it more and more often right now, going to places I don't Read more [...]
one for over my bed please

Sunday photos: Mooching Queen

Young and sweet, only, ermm 45... I could mooch in thrift/vintage/antique/junk shops all day long, and very often I do. I'm looking for the guy who can walk tall in this suit... Because I Read more [...]