Pet Sounds

I want a pet.  I want something alive that’s pleased to see me when I walk through the door.

I have never had a pet in my adult life, I’ve moved around too much to commit to an animal, but I really, really want one now, especially as moving away at present is just not feasible or possible, so it’s here that we must stay. I grew up with one cat; acquired involuntarily by my mum when I was a baby, she was a beautiful, silky coated black and white girl who died when I was 18.  She still looked like a doll-faced kitten. Ahhh.

We are a family divided over the subject of a pet.  it’s a yes from me and Lil, it’s a massive NO from Amber, “Ughhh, we’ll all die of Ebola if we get a cat”. Hmmm, not the (biologically wrong) reaction I was hoping for when I suggested a doe-eyed kitten.  Now, in an ideal world we would have a dog – and I’m not ruling it out just yet.  There are problems, of course.  I work full time.  I can’t afford doggie day care, which appears to be about the same price as nursery school for tiny humans, and shit, did I breathe a sigh of relief when those costs disappeared and school took over.

There are far, far more reasons as to why I want a dog than reasons not to have a dog though.  The main is that I think it would bring us a whole lot of love, joy and pleasure – and I’m all over all three of them right now.  The second being that I’m getting lazy and I have a whole lot more time alone on my hands than I’ve probably ever had since I had children.  I would love a dog to stick in the boot of my car and take to cool places to walk.  I would like the impetus to get out of bed and walk it too. I genuinely mean that, as I said, I’m getting lazy and I don’t like it.

Lil wants a dog more than anything.  When we drive past them with their owners she presses her face and palms to the window and sort of groans, “oooohhhhhh, Mum, pleeeeaaaaassseee can we HAVE A DOG?” She woke me at stupid o’clock the other morning by prising my eyelids open and asking if we could have one, I imagine in the hope that in my stupor I would agree.  She has her heart set on a ‘White Chocolate Labrador’ – I have not got the heart to correct her.  I told her that brown labs are called Chocolate Labs so in her 9 year old mind golden labs are White Chocolate, and why wouldn’t they be?  Who can I talk to about getting that name changed?  Oh. I wish I could just go for it!  I really do, but there’s so much to consider…

So the internal and external debate continues.  Look for solutions to a dog not being alone all day – local dog walkers?  Consider a feline, but what if it claws my beloved velvet sofa?  And what if it eats all my beloved birds in my garden? I couldn’t hack that, and I know in my heart that would happen, and there are goldfinches, all kinds of tits (guffaw away, childish ones), a robin that sits on my windowsill peering in at me giving me the beady eye and I saw a nuthatch the other day too.  I couldn’t bear them being hunted and presented at my feet all mangled and twitching.

I don’t want a rodent or a rabbit.

Oh, what to do? I have a project up my sleeve, more on that very soon, and it’s looking like it could include two rescue chickens, which is another consideration… Anyway, something alive, in some kind of form, species or variety – it will definitely be from a rescue shelter though – is going to be coming to live with us soon.  Just not sure what it’s going to look like yet.

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