pursue happiness with abandon

Happiness is…

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  • The robin that sounds so ridiculously pissed off with me, chittering and hopping and giving me the beady eye every morning through the kitchen window
  • My bed
  • Still knowing ALL the words to Beck’s Loser
  • Drawing, writing
  • Lil’s Beyonce back catalogue mash-up dance
  • A hot water bottle – I forgot how good they are
  • Guy Garvey
  • Linen sheets
  • Discovering a song that’s so good you play it last thing at night and first thing in the morning, before you get out of bed
  • Feeding people
  • That message you were waiting for
  • David Attenborough
  • The names others give us: mama, Sadie, honey
  • When the stars and planets align and your eyeliner wings are even – first attempt!
  • Home
  • The sea, any time of year
  • Acoustic/semi-acoustic guitar – well played, obvs
  • Singing. Badly but loudly
  • Anthropologie
  • Someone other than me making the coffee.  Or tea.  (Or a G&T…)
  • Nice post.  Hand written
  • Big, heart stopping thunder and lightening storms
  • Cheese on toast
  • Good song lyrics – hearts on sleeves to music, poetry to give a Laureate a run for their money
  • Kitchen discos
  • The friend who knows everything and judges nothing
  • Realising your children are their own people. And actually they’re pretty damn smart and sarcastically, whip-smart funny too
  • 6 hours sleep. Ok I’ll take 5
  • Candle light
  • Catching sight of deer in the woods
  • My mum
  • Privilidge.  By that I mean being born in a free country and not being a victim of geography. Having the capability to live how I choose, to work, to have a car, to wear what I want, to have a voice, to have choice
  • A bass line that you feel rather than hear
  • The person who just gets you
  • Nature. It’s humbling, it’s good for your soul. Whatever’s happening in your life it just keeps moving on and on and on. It’s good perspective, to feel insignificantly small in something huge, under a sky, by woods, fields, rivers and seas that are teeming with life that will keep rolling on with or without you
  • Indian takeaway
  • Walking. Whatever the weather
  • Metallic leather
  • Swallows and swifts. Badass birds
  • Good denim. And lots of it
  • Junk shop mooching – and coming up with treasure
  • Kindness
  • The pop of a cork
  • Proper eye contact
  • The moon
  • Someone who doesn’t generally have a potty mouth dropping a Category 1, class A swear word. Maximum impact. Boom
  • the word ‘boom’
  • One tidy room
  • Two too many drinks in the right company
  • Sitting in the car until the song finishes
  • Owl sightings. I feel honoured when one crosses my path
  • Knowing you’re on the right path, even if it does leave you half paralysed with fear
  • Lists
  • That Kiss. The one that makes your stomach flip at the mere thought of it

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