Ron Gallo: Put the Kids to Bed

It’s Saturday morning, let’s have a song.  This one will shake your foundations and if it doesn’t make you leap around your kitchen then we probably can’t be friends.

It’s safe to say that I’m obsessed with Ron Gallo at the moment. Hailing from Philadelphia, former front man of Toy Soldiers, now based in Nashville (swoon).  He’s new to me, but I am no music oracle, I like what I like and I generally get to the party when the floor’s being swept and the chairs stacked up… Hey ho, that’s OK.

This song,’ Put The Kids to Bed’, was my in; it blew me away.  It’s garage rock at its finest, but there’s nothing shambolic here, just watertight musicianship that reminds me of early White Denim and The Stooges. The lyrics are nothing short of seething and crushing, an insight into a toxic relationship that Gallo surely endured, you can’t write like that without front row seats. They made me wince but with a heavy serving of jet black humour, laugh too.

A dirty, heavy bass, ass-kicking guitar, with a surprisingly upbeat catchy chorus that you’ll be humming all day, “when we were young they said one day honey you and I we’re gonna share a grave – I didn’t know it’d be so soon”.

Nothing short of brilliant – If you like that kind of thing, and I most certainly do.

Ron Gallo’s debut album Heavy Meta is out now on New West Records.  And it’s bloody brilliant…


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