Nancy - thief of my head, heart and all my time - she's welcome to them all

a week in photos Day dreaming in the sun dappled garden, new moon wishing in the dark garden, realising how much work a 200ft garden truly is, housebound – mainly, doctors, x-rays, blood tests. blah blah bleurrggghhh, getting to the point where taking me round the back and shooting me may be an option? (kidding), absolute kindness wherever I turn, the best brownies I’ve ever tasted, baked by the most beautiful, kind, kitchen genius and delivered by the Royal Mail; “Sarah, they are better than money, they are better than sex, they are better than life itself” (she wasn’t lying), vinyl moods – Neil Young, Van Morrison, Led Zep, friends who travel 300 miles “for a chat and a margarita”, old family tales and photographs, Gilmore Girls, cheese on toast and phase one of change-my-life-please-for-an-exciting-cool-fun-one-plan box ticked; small, teeny, tiny issue of having no money, but that’s no excuse for not listening to your heart and just, you know, getting on with shit.

instant cash loans lenders only If I’m not here next week the bank heist was not a complete success…

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