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photo week: love

There's a whole lot of love around right now.  I met a couple who are crazy, madly in love. They met very randomly at Burning Man festival in Nevada, both baring old scars from that most fearsome Read more [...]

morning has broken (me)

Every (week) night I leave the house tidy, sorted, good to wake up to, calm to the point of Zen (ish) - my brand of Zen...  So it’s good to walk down the stairs to. My alarm goes off at 6.45, and then Read more [...]

Photo diary – friendship

I've made a new friend. We sit on the swing seat at the bottom of my garden, a bundled up blanket for when the sun sets. We watch the swallows that congregate on the telegraph pole, the blackbirds singing Read more [...]
tea for two

pasta rocks

My love affair with pasta is a long, long one.  It's cheap, it's ridiculously easy to cook. It fills your belly and works its way north to fill your heart too - you know what I mean, a comfort food supreme. Read more [...]