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Friday Lush: Clare’s Mojito I met Clare in a cafe in Stockbridge, Edinburgh, we had our backs to one another, chairs and tables facing opposite directions. Lil was tiny, in my arms, over my shoulder, facing a baby boy the same age on Clare’s shoulder, she was making a lunge for the little soft cloth book the mirror image other baby was holding.  We were both very sleep deprived, in that fragile state where you’re not entirely convinced you’ve got matching shoes on and you may either burst into abundant tears or hysterically laugh like a hyena on acid – you may even do both, simultaneously.  We got talking, chairs turned to face one another, babies happy.

payday loans in new york state Clare is one of those seemingly effortless people, who actually works her ass off – grace under pressure, always busy but laid back, relaxed, calm.  Like a swan; sailing serenely on, paddling like hell underneath.  A quiet fixer of problems, a fixer of people.  Kind, caring, resourceful, creative and very funny. She’s married to cool Sam (I’m calling him that because he would laugh in my face at that description, one of those people who does not try in any way, shape or form to be cool, actually, genuinely quite the opposite, but succeeds in the way that only truly cool people do hahaha.  He’s in Woodenbox a very cool band (who played at SXSW and did a 6 Music session for Marc Riley – which even he has to begrudgingly admit to being cool.) He’s the owner of a dark, dry, sense of humour.  I like being ridiculous with him.  It’s cool.  They are two peas in a pod, two best friends who married one another and had three super cool kids.  I love them.  We miss them.

image They’ve decided that there’s more to life, there’s more out there to be discovered, so they’re leaving Scotland and moving to Australia.  Agh!  The other side of the actual world. Effortless Clare naturally makes it sound like they’re nipping to Newcastle, Tyneside for the weekend as opposed to Newcastle, Sydney – for EVER. mojito baby

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follow url Effortless Clare is also extremely persuasive, in a soft, quiet way. She came to visit at the weekend, (I thought Lil would actually combust with excitement – I kept it a surprise for her), she helped me out in the god damn current invalid state I find myself in and she made mojitos with Sea Wolf white rum, which is distilled in Edinburgh.  “Come with us! The three of you.” She said, after mojito number one.  I love people who don’t let barriers stop them doing their thing; money, technicalities, logistics – all surmountable with determination, focus and hard work.  “Home school the girls, stay for, say, six months, your winter, our summer… Come home if it doesn’t work.” Mojito number two and I’m thinking, “yeah, why not? That’s totally do-able.”  The older I get the more I understand that I’m drawn to these people – the do-ers, the try-ers, the what the fuck, let’s give it a go-ers.  The makers of mean mojitos.

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Australia, you have no idea how lucky you’re about to get.

Clare’s Mojito

Serves 1
Prep time 5 minutes
Meal type Beverage

What you will need

  • 2 Measures white rum
  • half a lime (squeezed)
  • handful fresh mint (torn or chopped)
  • soda water
  • agave syrup (optional)
  • ice
  • slices of lime (to garnish)


Step 1 Add ice and pour rum into a glass of your choice
Step 2 Add lime juice, lime slices and mint, stir well, add a squeeze of agave syrup for sweetness, if you like. Top with soda water. Stir well
Step 3 Cheers

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