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photo week: love

There’s a whole lot of love around right now.  I met a couple who are crazy, madly in love. They met very randomly at Burning Man festival in Nevada, both baring old scars from that most fearsome of four lettered words, both sworn to never marry and definitely no kids. They’re married, blissfully, and of course they have a child. Her name tattooed onto his arm. Beautiful.

There was a wedding that made me cry  twice, three times? Four?  I lost count. I make no apologies for being a hopeless, tragic romantic. What is life without love?

Glastonbury coverage has been on in the house all weekend and of course there’s a whole lot of love in those fields. Dave Grohl singing Times Like These back to Florence – who when she stepped into the headline slot after Grohl broke his leg two years ago sang a Florenced up version. It fair brought a tear to my eye. “I’m a new day rising. I’m a brand new sky to hang the stars upon tonight.” Ohhh!!!  I am sucker for a fine lyric. God, I am soft. I make no apologies for that either.

Right, so how much are we chatting for a flight to Nevada then?

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