Who’s in control?

Given my last post it will be no surprise that I’m disappointed with this morning’s election results, though I am taking some positives from the whole affair – one being that we could have another election as early as August, a re-match if you will, and I have hope for that only because after Brexit a large number of ‘leave’ voters were on record saying they regretted their vote and given a second chance would vote to remain.  The number of young people voting has surged and May’s plan for a landslide has backfired so spectacularly.

It’s not clear what will happen with the hung parliament. Do you need me to tell you how terrifying a Tory/Democratic Unionist Party partnership would look like though?  We are talking about a party who have refused to lift the ban on abortion and opposed same sex marriages. Oh, and won’t act on climate change.  There’s more information here on what a hung parliament means for us all.  Labour could also partner with the SNP, the Lib Dems and the Green Party?

It is clear what’s happening in my local constituency of Corby, Northamptonshire.  Despite being a fiercely working class town we have a Conservative stronghold. Again.  The boundaries of votes cover affluent villages in the surrounding areas, it’s always been a bone of contention here.  I live in one of these villages myself, it’s not that black and white but a drive through these places, and the display of blue banners makes for depressing viewing.  We had a 70% turn out of voters here – higher than the national average, but there’s still 30% who did not vote.  General consensus being that this was in the town, not in the villages.  I’m not in a position to comment on that, I just don’t know the facts, but I fear that apathy has the greatest part in that 30% statistic.  Figures show an amazing surge in young people voting (to Labour’s benefit) which makes me so happy, but I work in an office that’s full of young people,  thankfully I sit next to the two who are fired up and talking figures and statistics, reading manifestos, having an opinion but to my knowledge there are three people out of seven in my close vicinity who didn’t vote.  I was paying subs to the Labour party before I’d hit the age of 20, I grew up in a culture where having a political opinion was important, it was your future, you HAD to play a part in it.  Not voting was just not an option.  My girls know I’ll haunt them if they don’t exercise their democratic right to vote.  Lil gave an impassioned speech this morning about the Suffragette movement – God bless Horrible Histories and Amber looked genuinely gutted that Corbyn was not our man.  For all the pitfalls of social media maybe it is teaching this younger generation stuff on a different level? Amber showed me Jeremy Corbyn’s Snapchat profile, she told me he was the only candidate with one. She’s been crazily sharing Labour love mash-ups and Stormzy/Corbyn parodies – I’m doing something right, at least.

That was an island in this morning’s disappointment. I’d hoped for a clearer cut win, to wake up to a country where the majority had voted for a greater good; for community, for policies and reforms that serve all – not a select few, for a fairer society, for helping, caring, giving a leg up to those in need.  In short – not a self-serving, short sighted, closed ranks old boy’s club. Look out for your own, look out for those who are doing OK.  Look out for those who are privileged, let’s make tax breaks for those who earn the most, let’s fuck those in the middle, let’s suffocate and destroy the working classes, it’ll look good for statistics when we can quantify the millions we’ve shaved off national services. But that’s cool because when you have private health care and your children attend private schools – it just doesn’t affect you.  And when you’re sitting pretty in your high earning tax bracket then who gives a shit about carers’ or disability allowance or a health service that is on its knees, or an education system that can’t cope on its funding?  And when there are terror attacks in our cities  let’s pat the emergency services on the backs, congratulate them on the brave work they do, let’s gloss over the fact that their budgets and therefore quotas of trained professionals have been terminally cut to the bone, cut deep into the marrow, making their jobs almost but not quite, impossible. Skeleton crews.  It’s a good photo opportunity for our right wing media to wank over; hug a firefighter, hug an emergency medical worker – make sure the knife in the back is out of shot, it won’t look good on the front page of the Telegraph in the morning.  And if those hypocritical platitudes fail to make an impact let’s overturn some human rights legislations, sure they’ll be misplaced and they’ll have an impact on thousands of vulnerable people, but it’ll look like we’re really getting to the crux of these issues – and it’ll make it easier to fuck people over without these pesky laws to impinge us, oh, hello Brexit, hello no steadying hand of the European Court of Human Rights. Win, win, win, win, win.  If you’re already winning – of course.

I want to live somewhere where people give a shit about something more than their own personal bubble, I want to be somewhere where people put their money and their time and their principles where their mouth is.  Selfishness is ugly and destructive, it’s short sighted and that’s all I see in a Tory regime.

We don’t know what is going to happen here but I am in the mood to protest, and shout, really loud.  And I have a really loud voice.  Hey, I’ll even get naked and run down the street with a banner – that will only really make sense if you watch this BSP video… I want to display some optimism and to be with the people who’ve voted for a better society. I just don’t want to let an apathetic wave wash over me, or be quiet. I can’t be quiet.

Viva la revolution.

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