I’m obsessed with this video right now. Before I get out of bed I always listen to a song or watch a video, this one’s been on repeat since it was released last week.

Deadcrush is the third single from Alt J’s third album Relaxer, it’s utterly sexy and mesmerising and, well, odd.  I like odd.  The whole album is, it’s beguiling; sex, death, virginity, orgies, poppers, England’s east coastline and classical literature picked apart with Joe Newman’s often uncomfortable but oh so god damn appealing lyrics, just me? Surely not? I can’t get enough of him right now. He does strange things to me. Again, surely not just me? I read a review of the album before I heard it, “there’s much for an addled brain to explore here.” Addled brain I can relate to, maybe that’s why it appeals so much to me. The review concludes however that “it’s so consumed by its own addled path it may repel peripheral fans.” That it’s too short is my only complaint. Addled paths appeal to me too.

The video ‘features’ holograms of the trio’s three dead crushes – Lee Miller (if you’ve never seen her WW2 photography then check it out, check out all her work, Man Ray went cray cray for more than just her icy beauty), Sylvia Plath and her delicately beautiful, spiralling madness and Anne Boleyn, loved lifeless by Henry Tudor. It’s creepy post-apocalyptic, it could well be in Hitler’s bunker,  the choreography is just incredible, the dancers like wax works. It sends shivers down my spine and I can’t stop watching it. Even managed a couple of sneaky watches at work. Switch screen to Word doc…

Enjoy. I’m off to think about dead crushes…

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