Friday Lush: BLT/Betsy’s Little Treat

Alcohol and I go back a long, long way, we’ve had a meaningful relationship for longer than I care to remember – particularly as I’m the mother of a teenage girl. I was  younger than she when my curiosity of what was in those pretty bottles that I wasn’t allowed got the better of me.  I’m in brace position for that inevitable occurrence, it’s sure to come a knockin’ soon.  But I’ll cross that bottle-strewn bridge when I need to.


My attachment to alcohol; that most acceptable of drugs, is not a bad one, it never has been, it’s always been wrapped up in stories and situations, friends and occasions, not need.  Though on this Friday afternoon as I type, two lemons are sitting on my desk next to the 136 page document I’ve been proof reading for two whole days. They were bought to make the drink that’s in my head but not yet in my hand, so I could be mistaken for being a lush, I’ll take that.  It won’t be the first time, it’s unlikely to be the last. But it’s Friday, right, and everyone craves a dram or seven on a Friday.

I’d like to say that I’m quality over quantity – and I am at the beginning of the night, but a better description, in an ideal world, on an ideal night, would be quantity of quality.  Let’s just say I’m not the kind of woman who puts her hand over the glass and says, “I’ve had enough.” In fact, that’s something I do when I think I am being utterly hilarious.  If you’ve ever raised a glass with me then you’ll know that I don’t stop until I absolutely have to.

Today I’m craving bourbon, or maybe I’m craving the all-round bad boy appeal of bourbon? Not sure.  I think the latter.  I saw my friend after work last night, he’d just bought himself a bottle of Woodford Reserve and I’ve been thinking about it all day long.  It suits the music that’s getting me through today and it suits my mood.  I don’t do Instagram or anything anymore and I admit to missing some things, such as #Bulleit, it used to be really good, my phone screen alive with images of that damn fine bottle accessorised with good leather, camp fires, good looking people in cool sounding towns in America, and there’s always shit loads of denim – all hold massive appeal to me.  Good boots, good jeans and a bottle.   Take me there – but not via a phone screen.  Take me there for real. Please.  Out in nice clothes or sitting barefoot with a bottle at my kitchen table, if the music and the company is right then you just cannot go wrong. That’s what drinking means to me.

Bourbon lemon tonic

I have Bulleit bourbon in my cupboard at the moment. Founded in 1830 by Augustus Bulleit and now run by his grandson Tom, it’s as smooth as an inner thigh so you don’t really need anything to go with it.  Sip it straight up, with the right playlist, or make this drink that’s favoured by Tom’s wife Betsy.  Betsy Bulleit, that is a REAL name, I might have another child just so I can call her Betsy Bulleit…

Betsy’s Little Treat

Serves 1
Prep time 2 minutes
Meal type Beverage

What you will need

  • Bourbon (your call how much, single or double)
  • 1 lemon (squeezed)
  • tonic water
  • ice


Step 1 Fill a short glass with ice, pour in the bourbon, squeeze in some lemon and top with tonic
Step 2 Stir well, sip and pretend your name's Betsy Bulleit

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