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photo week: bigger than me

Everything is bigger than me to be fair, but that’s not what I mean.

Do you want to know a secret?  I’m really scared of driving, or rather, I was really scared of driving.  I’m not anymore.  For the last 15 years I barely drove anywhere, just to work, here and there, you know.  Never really long distances, not if I could help it.  But things are different now. If I want to leave the postcode then I have no other choice, and that is what it is.  So, I’ve dealt with it and now I just do it.  My options being; I could go and do cool things, that’s option A or I can just stay at home, bottle out of it, that’s option B.  Option A it is, no other choice.  Which leads me to bigger things.

Someone way, way cleverer than me said that it’s a really good thing to go and marvel at things – things that are ‘bigger’ than you.  Not necessarily in size, though possibly so.  It could be the sea, a really old building or place, works of art that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, a brilliant view – anything that inspires awe in you.

My mum has spoken a lot lately about wanting to go and see something old, pagan. Like Stonehenge.  I thought I would take her today to Avebury, to the standing stones, and on to Stonehenge, but I had, err, a slight, smidgen of a hangover.  So we went to Uffington in Oxfordshire to see the white horse that’s carved into the chalk on the side of a hill instead and on to Wayland’s Smithy Long Barrow – a Neolithic burial mound with such cool standing stones – it’s 5,500 years old!  The horse is 3,000 years old.  The sun shone like a god, the horse was being re-chalked so it was good to see that in progress.  We lay on the grass eating cherries that I picked from my tree this morning, if there are cherry trees by the horses tail in years to come then I take full responsibility… We watched butterflies, song thrushes, red kites, buzzards and skylarks – who fly so ridiculously high and nest on the ground, my mum telling me the names of all the flowers we saw, some I remembered, some I’d forgotten, she gave thanks for having a mother who instilled in her a sense of attention and care for nature, for what’s all around us, as do I.  The Long Barrow was incredible, set in a circle of ancient trees, buzzing with something I cannot explain.  We walked through shaded copses and winding lanes to get there, Mama Scott said, ‘Sarah, there’s magic here – can you feel it?’  And I could, I really, honestly could. (Maybe need to lay off the absinthe?)  To stand where people have been standing, doing their thing, for 5,500 years is pretty awe-inspiring.  All the triumphs, disasters, love, heartache, joy – all the things that make us human, all there, for all those years, ALL those years before you and I and all those years afterwards.  It gives you a perspective, and I like that a lot.

Yes, it’s really good for you to go and stand before something that’s just so much bigger than the sum of you.  And my Mama said, ‘stop for a minute, you see things when you stop, don’t go so fast. And don’t forget to turn around every once in a while and take a look and what’s behind you, you’ve come a long way, darling.’

Have a lovely week x





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