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There's always one stand out dish when you've been on holiday. This was mine.  With all the best things; cheese - if you've never had feta baked then please, do it, it's another level of cheese bliss, Read more [...]
can't be too careful when warding off the evil eye

Photo diary: When in Rome

Or Greece. I took myself and my girls off to Greece to meet up with our family, already over there warming their bones. I've never been before, it's so beautiful.  Why have I never been before?  Green Read more [...]

a week in photos: music misery

I will be deaf when I am 50. Of that I am sure, I cannot see how this will not happen.  I've calculated that I spend at least 30 hours a week with headphones jammed in my ears, and if I really, really Read more [...]

Glen Campbell

I heard on the radio late last night that Glen Campbell has passed away at the age of 81. I am in no way qualified to write about Glen Campbell, I'm not a country music expert, nor was I an uber fan, but Read more [...]
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