this was taken from Aldeburgh beach - cool huh?


cash advance loan new york state I’ve always had more than a passing interest in the moon, I was brought up by a moon-gazer and lover of astronomy/astrology, ‘look at the moon’ is a regular text on my phone, and one I send to fellow moon lovers regularly, too.  A thousand years ago I saw an upside down crescent moon in Southern India, a Shiva Moon, and it all made sense, my whereabouts in the world at that time, the whereabouts of the Earth in the universe at that time, ‘upside down’ to my Northern Hemisphere understanding.   But it’s only as I’ve got older that I’ve spent time learning about its hold and power.  I’m NO expert, but I find it hugely interesting, and magical too, we don’t have anywhere near enough magic in our lives.  There’s so much mythology and folklore around La Luna, just the names Wolf Moon, Pink Moon, Strawberry, Thunder are enough to fuel the imagination.

www castle payday loans com It’s only in the last couple of years that I’ve started to get to grips with the power of the moon, bear with me here, our bodies are over half made up of water – around 65% as an adult, more as a child, so if the moon commands tidal waters on Earth, then it makes perfect sense (to me) that it will command us, to an extent, too.

payday loans unemployed no credit check this was taken from Aldeburgh beach - cool huh?

mortgage loan for personal use Today we have a full moon and a partial lunar eclipse and this is massive news in the astronomy world.  And it makes you go all shades of nuts, OK maybe not full on bat-shit crazy, maybe that’s just me, but there is good reason why the etymological root of ‘lunacy’ is ‘lunar’ – they are deeply connected.  The full moon affects our behaviour and our brains.  Howling optional – but I fully recommend and encourage it.  Today’s lunar activity has been described as ‘super-juiced’, ‘on steroids’, ‘a pressure cooker of emotions that’s about to blow’, ‘one you need a seat belt for.’  It ushers in discord, it brings loads of emotions bubbling to the surface that you might have been sweeping under the rug and it brings big change – whether you want it or not. The full moon is the optimum time for letting all that shit that you’re holding onto go, the stuff that’s keeping you back from being properly, textbook happy.  You can’t change other people’s paths; the one they want to tread, and who they choose to tread it with, is none of your business, you can only steer your own pony, and this time of the lunar cycle is when you can and should.

see I am like a cat on a hot tin roof right now, I cannot sit still, I’m so restless and my head is in over-over drive.  My girls too, I think.  Driving yesterday Amber said, ‘why don’t we just move mum, somewhere cool, PLLLEEAAASSSSEE.’ My ears are always attuned to talk of making a run for it. Where? ‘America’, she suggested.  This was serious enough for me to pull the car over for a mum chat. (I still harbour faint hope for my cross Atlantic bolt) Lil brought us back to earth with one word – ‘Trump’ (she’s obsessed with the Trump administration – she’s more knowledgeable than me.)  There are of course a million other reasons why we can’t – some good, some bad, but the itch made me realise that they’re feeling it too.  The restlessness from the skies.  My friend, who has spent a lot of time studying moon cycles, suggested lying in a salt bath self medicating with gin today – that’s her professional advice.  To be fair that sounds like something I’d be up for any day, but today absolutely, you run the bath, I’ll bring the gin. So if you’re feeling a tad odd today then look up – there she is, Mother Moon, it possibly could be her fault. Just run with it.  And if you can’t gin/salt soak, just breathe. Oh, and we have another one to look forward to at the end of the month too. Yay. Not.

click If you want to read more check out The Hoodwitch  and Moonology – both have an emphasis on how the moon affects your own horoscope etc, and I am a sucker for that, all day long.

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