Photo journal: the law of attraction

Bend your head around this – ‘all thoughts turn into things eventually’.  I’m going to say it again, all your thoughts eventually turn into things.  The thoughts you put out attract the experiences that come back to you.  That, simply put, is the definition of the law of attraction, and I’ve been trying to bend my poor head around it for a good 18 months now.  It’s not easy.

I haven’t turned into a new age nut job, fear not, but the law of attraction does fascinate me.  OK, let me try and explain.  Basically, what we put out there, into the universe, we get back.  The best way to describe this is to imagine yourself walking into a room full of strangers.  If you walk in with a face like a bull dog licking piss off a thistle then the chances are you’ll be greeted with the same hostility back (unless you’ve joined The Jesus Army, then you’d be given a space on the mini bus). If you walked in giving eye contact, smiling, then you’ll be treated as such.  So it is with the thoughts and actions we put out there every day.

So, this is how I see it, and try to run with it, I want to be successful doing something that I love,  I want to work for myself, I want a lifestyle of my own making and choosing – I do not expect someone to hand that all to me, I will work my sweet ass off for it.  So I try and put all my positive effort and thought there, ignore my doubts, the part of my brain that tells me I can’t do things, that throws obstacles up at me.  And I try to not let minor details cloud my ultimate vision of merrily doing my own shit, and weirdly, it starts to happen.  People pop up who can help you, opportunities start to present themselves, it starts to take shape and unfold.  I guess you have to invite it in, so to speak.

Same goes for people too, I think.  As my friend says, ‘your vibe attracts your tribe.’  Mine are a right old motley crew so I cannot even imagine what my vibe is?  I digress.  Finding the positive in people is easy.  And then this has a good knock-on effect, because you start to pick up their good vibe and attract more.  Are you still with me?

On the boat the other week I met a couple who are world-weary.  He has a very lucrative job in the city but has become disillusioned.  “We’ve forgotten what we’re here for.”  I liked that.  In a nutshell, he’s realised that what he’s here for is not to make shit loads of money for people who already have shit loads of money.  So they’re changing their lives – leaving the city, and their jobs and the life they’ve built to travel the world, work here and there and eventually use their skills to do good stuff. I envy their freedom but I truly admire their willingness to take on life, to change what’s not working for them. I know that takes a lot of courage.  So I feel all the more charged and better for meeting them.  It spurs me on.

Then I randomly met a guy recently on a night out, he was about to start a new business and he was totally stoked about it, buzzing with loads of ideas and plans. Machine-gun talking.  It occurred to me that it was like talking to an over enthusiastic (slightly rat-arsed) me in the mirror (if I was fully bearded and covered head to toe in tats, I’m neither, just in case you were wondering, though the potential for both is there).  Like attracts like, is often how that’s described, you gravitate to people on your wavelength, and then you drink more and get kicked out of a dive bar to the soundtrack of ‘You Picked a Fine Time to Leave me Lucille’, which is way more fun than it sounds.

So back to ‘all thoughts turn into things eventually’, if you walk around perpetually miserable, doubting yourself at every turn then that’s how it’ll be.  I really do believe that.  Life will be a series of shitagrams, so I can’t have that, neither can you.  And if all else fails, fake it until it becomes genuine, and it will become genuine.  I have been bending my head and my will backwards to do this – to various degrees of success.  You can’t control the lessons that life hurls at you, they are meant for us, and no amount of running will out-run them, because the fuckers trip you up. Fucking fuckers.  But you can choose how you deal with them.

There’s an old proverb, I think it’s Cherokee, a life lesson being taught to a child – the elder tells the child about the two wolves that are in battle inside each of us; one is gentle, kind, positive, has compassion and love. The other is jealous, cruel, angry, full of regret and sorrow.  Which one wins?  Asks the child.  The one that you feed.

This is on repeat in my car at the moment, I got made an old-school mix CD, it’s the opening track, it makes me smile, and sing loudly and badly.  The way to my heart is definitely via a bit of filthy horn rock.  Take me to the sugar shack. Haha.

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