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Sunday photos: Prague, baby

We are in Prague. I nearly wasn’t on account of a virus from hell, but I’m here. Drugged up, sounding like I have TB, but present. Hooray.

We’re here to see alt-j tonight, killing time (hard life) drinking mulled wine and hot cider, standing agog at the everywhere-you-turn-beauty of this incredible city, staying in an apartment with huge stucco angels and cherubs and painted baroque ceilings, watching Victorian porn and looking askance at anti-masturbatory devices in the Museum of Sex Machines, walking miles, laughing A LOT but trying not to on account of feeling like an elephant has trodden on my chest.

I love Prague, though my plan to kidnap my man crush alt-j Joe (please read lyrics for Every Other Freckle for reference) is probably not going to come to pass while I’m hacking away like an asbestos ridden hag. Oh well, next time.



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