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Sunday photos: Prague, baby

We are in Prague. I nearly wasn't on account of a virus from hell, but I'm here. Drugged up, sounding like I have TB, but present. Hooray. We're here to see alt-j tonight, killing time (hard life) drinking Read more [...]
we can do it!


So my little one has hit double figures, where ten years have gone I do not know?  But I do know that they've been all the more full of everything that is wonderful for having her in them.  They'd have Read more [...]

urge for going

So go we must. There's a Joni song for all occasions, this one's for now. A perfect piece of melancholy mid-60s folk, which suits today, as the good lady says, as winter's closing in. It's been stuck Read more [...]

Odes to addiction

Addiction (noun). The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity  From Lou Reed and Thurston Moore to Patti Smith and Polly Jean some of the finest songs ever written Read more [...]
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