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a week in photos (14-20 05 17)

If you read my last post you'll know that my week's been odd; hospital, home in bed, missing people, cooking a little bit, sleeping a lot, box set bingeing, feeling ill, feeling better, feeling so damn Read more [...]

a week in words

When I started writing this diary I didn't imagine it would be so... medical,  but such is life, you can't plan nor prevent these things, that much is not in our control. Never again will I tempt the Read more [...]

A week in photos

Notes from the hospital waiting room I hung out in this week: The young woman with so, so many tattoos who's sitting adjacent to us, she's literally covered in ink, from her neck to her finger tips, Read more [...]

One swallow does not a summer make

I drove cross country the other day to stay with a friend for the weekend, I'd left way later than I'd planned; if you know me that will come as no surprise, lateness.  It was such a beautiful day, the Read more [...]