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One swallow does not a summer make

I drove cross country the other day to stay with a friend for the weekend, I'd left way later than I'd planned; if you know me that will come as no surprise, lateness.  It was such a beautiful day, the Read more [...]
in bed with Nora

A week in photos

A week of ups and a week of pulling Mia Wallace moves under the crescent moon to bareassed and frightened like a child in a hospital gown. Got kidnapped and whisked away (in a good way, Read more [...]

Sweet tooth soup

I'm in a headlock with food and my girls right now.  Anything healthy is frowned up and it's really getting my back up.  There is nothing more soul destroying than cooking from scratch to have it picked Read more [...]
i got the best post this week

A week in photos

I've got my photo mojo back... A week of baby birds, moon gazing, limping and new leggings that are just every kind of awesome.   Read more [...]