a week in photos: Yes (wo)man

Want to know a secret? I'm petrified of life passing me by.  It is of course my age, mixed with the realisation that we really are here for a short time. Sunday morning heaviness - I apologise, but as Read more [...]
baby amber


Round about this time fifteen years ago I was toughing it out on the labour ward.  I hazily remember finding myself in the kind of self-induced, silent trance that a Scientologist could write a manual Read more [...]

Photo week: Look alive

I've sort of forgotten what it means to be at work, I think I've been in the office for about two days in the last three weeks, I'd like to say I could get used to it but I don't want to misdirect the Read more [...]


There's always one stand out dish when you've been on holiday. This was mine.  With all the best things; cheese - if you've never had feta baked then please, do it, it's another level of cheese bliss, Read more [...]